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England Rugby - Match Officials | Péligital

Green screen studio production for the delivery of 6 x training videos

England Rugby – Match Officials

England Rugby – Match Officials

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The England Rugby Referees Association (ERRA) wanted a new set of training videos to teach referees about a new Tackle Height Law that came into effect in July 2023. The videos were part of a relaunch of a series called Whistle-Stops that Péligital produced between 2016 – 2019. This series required a revamp and animated examples of rugby footage to communicate key training points.

Solution: The design of a virtual England Rugby green screen studio technology. Delivery of 6 x 6 minute videos featuring England Rugby referee experts discussing the key points around the new Tackle Height Law and player safety. Specially designed post-production effects. 

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Our roles

green screen video production
virtual studio design
post production