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Red Roses - Pelvic Floor Exercises | Péligital

Video production of pelvic floor exercises with the Red Roses

Red Roses – Pelvic Floor Exercises

Red Roses – Pelvic Floor Exercises

Short intro

With the growth in popularity of women’s rugby there’s a need for female players to be more aware of their health and welfare.  England Rugby’s Red Roses team are sporting role models for many women and girls, so ideal when it comes to demonstrating exercises and talking about the health challenges women and girls face.

Solution: With three of the Red Roses, the production of a pelvic floor exercise video, a discussion video about women’s health in sport and a light-hearted health and welfare quiz.  

The videos work to support and promote the library of  Women & Girls Health & Wellbeing Toolkits we designed.

Our roles

video production
video editing

title sequencing