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RugbySafe - Emergency First Aid Training | Péligital

Green screen virtual studio video production

RugbySafe – Emergency First Aid Training

RugbySafe – Emergency First Aid Training

Short intro

All offices look the same and usually fail to make a memorable impression. Likewise going on location is costly and time-consuming. For some, trying to remember what to say is hard. This is where a green screen virtual studio comes in. It allows you to create a memorable visual experience and with the support of an autocue, a more productive recording session.

Our Solution

A green screen virtual studio is an option to explore for:

  • A pair of experts or a team having an open discussion
  • A company director presenting an update or news summary
  • Filming video inserts for a training video or eLearning coursen

As the images below show, the virtual studio allows you to create a 2D or 3D background, introduce graphics and caption builds, and integrate videos and animations.

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Our roles

Video Production
Virtual Studio Design (2D or 3D)
Video Editing
Graphics / Animations