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Toolkits4Sport: an engaging and affordable online publishing platform

grow the skills and know-how of your sporting community

Toolkits4Sport is an easy to use platform for those responsible for publishing content to improve the skills of those who coach, officiate or participate in sport.

As someone involved in sports you’ll know it’s a challenge to gather the information you need to help your community grow.

Toolkits4Sport is a platform which centralises the content you need to share. It’s a tool to help you to invest in the development of those involved in your sport and to monitor how they engage with what you publish. If you receive grants, donations or investment, it allows you to measure the return on investment.

Very quickly you start to see how coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and players grow in the knowledge and understanding of their sport.

Toolkits4Sport is designed by sports content marketing agency Péligital.

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Frequently Asked Questions About A Toolkits4Sport Platform

1. Where is it hosted?

You can host it on your own domain, or it can be hosted on the Péligital server.

2. Can it be password protected?

Yes. If you would prefer ‘closed access’ to the site, Toolkits4Sport will apply a user registration front-end.

3. Can it be branded?

Yes. Your own sports branding is easy to apply.

4. How much does it cost?

  • Annual licence:  £1,125 + VAT 
  • Set-up: From £3,000 + VAT depending number of toolkits, volume and type of content 
  • Bespoke Publishing / Production: From £2,500 + VAT

The Benefits Of Using A Toolkits4Sport Platform

Whether you are a governing body, sports club or organisation, the platform provides:

  1. A website where relevant information about your sport is accessible to your community.
  2. A site that is unique to the needs of your specific sport.
  3. Content that is aligned to address the knowledge needs of different groups within your community.
  4. Easy to access information that is tailored specifically to your sport and those involved with it.
  5. Somewhere to publish existing and legacy content.
  6. A place to promote new content for your community.
  7. The ability to add new toolkits and topics whenever the need.
  8. The opportunity to attract new members into the sports community.
  9. Opportunities for local and national banner advertising.
  10. A monthly report with data insights so that strategic goals and objectives are tracked.

Once trained on how to use the CMS (Content Management System), you can upload and assign content to the site whenever appropriate. Within minutes, you can publish revisions to content, add new videos or links to reference websites.

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How The Toolkits4Sport Publishing Platform Works

A Toolkits4Sport platform is organised into a library of toolkits that contain study topics. Within each topic are related documents, videos or websites that visitors can download or visit.

There’s no limit on the number of toolkits or topics you can publish. Some toolkits have six to eight topics, others only one.

To structure the platform all you need do is:

  1. Consider your sports community and what they need to know
  2. Agree what subjects each toolkits should recover
  3. Plan what topics should be in each toolkit.

Once this is agreed, you then populate the platform with relevant content. To begin a member of the Péligital team will guide you through the process.

How Péligital supports you

Our team of content specialists will help you to scope and implement your platform. As every organisation is different the level of support you will need will depend on the amount of content you have, any new material to create and your confidence in using a CMS (Content Management System).

Contact Joe Pelissier or Sam Birkett

Call: 07730 920 813

How To Publish Content On A Toolkits4Sport Platform

Content for the platform is published in multiple ways depending on the category of information. You can publish existing material, whatever is in the public domain or you can produce bespoke content. You can do this yourself or with the help of a specialist contractor.

It’s all done via our easy to use CMS  (Content Management System).

Typically, content is either Reference Material, Video or Website.

A. Reference Material

This is an existing document, in either a .doc or .pdf format. Such content might be a newsletter, a checklist, a form or a manual.

This content will exist already or you may wish to publish it specifically for the site.

Visit HEADCASE example.

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B. Videos

Videos and eLearning can play directly on the website via an upload to a video server or via an embedded link. Alternatively, the toolkit can direct the visitors to a YouTube playlist or eLearning course. The video(s) will already exist or you can commission and produce your own content.

Visit ACTIVATE example.

C. Websites

You can direct visitors to specifically chosen websites and save your community the hassle of searching the internet for relevant content.

Refer to useful reference sites, or promote a course or study aid.


Topics in a toolkit will usually contain a mixture of reference, video and website content.

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More Frequently Asked Questions About A Toolkits4Sport Platform

1. How long does it take to set-up?

This will depend on how much content you wish to launch with, how much you already have and whether you are producing new content. Typically, between 6 to 12 weeks.

2. Who will help us to structure the content?

We can. We are experienced in this area and can advise you on the number of toolkits to begin with as well as the content that each should contain.

3. Who produces new content for the website?

You can work with whichever partner you want. If you wish, Péligital can also design and publish content. Visit the Our Work page to learn more.

Monthly Toolkits4Sport Reports

We use Google Analytics / GA4 to measure and track platform usage.

You can either review the analytics yourself or we can create a Metrics Dashboard for you. This will  produce a monthly report based on your objectives and will give you invaluable insights into how each toolkit is used.

The report helps you to understand activity in terms of:

  1. Page Views
  2. .pdf Downloads
  3. Average session duration
  4. Pages per Session
  5. Click-Through Rate %
  6. Bounce %
  7. Top Sources
  8. Top Landing pages

Using data visualisation, month-on-month reports show % changes in activity so you can see how your sports community is responding to the content you publish. It’s an invaluable way to help you meet your goals and objectives.

Report data also allows you to demonstrate a return on investment for any sponsors or advertisers.

You might be wondering

1. Is it also a Learning Management System (LMS)?

No. It does not track individual behaviour or study results, only the kind of data described above.

2. Does it allow for banner advertising?

Yes, you can apply banners of different sizes to each page. The more traffic the site attracts the easier it becomes to attract advertisers. Banner advertising has the potential to help you recover initial investment costs as well as ongoing ones.

3. Is there a cost for the monthly toolkit report?

There is an initial cost to scope out your reporting requirements, to create the Metrics Dashboard and  produce the initial report. This is then followed by a monthly report fee.

Report set-up: £850 + VAT
Monthly fee: £375 + VAT

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Visit And Explore - KeepYourBootsOn!

To get a feel for how a Toolkits4Sport platform works visit www.keepyourbootson.co.uk, a website configured for the England Rugby grassroots community.

It has up to 30 Toolkits spread across three subject areas: Referees, RugbySafe and Food For Rugby. Visit any Toolkit and then access a topic to view the types of content that is available.

The content is published by England Rugby in-house teams or created by Péligital.

"The KeepYourBootsOn! platform is an essential tool when it comes to making our rugby community aware of different types of content to improve their knowledge or skills. The more we add to it, the more valuable it becomes. And because it's easy to use, we can quickly add, edit or delete content.”

Michael Patz
England Rugby, Match Official Manager

About Péligital

Toolkits4Sport is a publishing platform designed and developed by Péligital.com. Péligital is a digital agency with 10 years experience in providing sports community marketing services, primarily for England Rugby. Our sports content marketing services focus on digital publishing, web development and video production.

To learn more about these, visit Our Work.

Discover more about Our Work with England Rugby.

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