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Meet Sam
and his dog

Sam Birkett

Sam Birkett

Marketing Director

What’s Sam’s role and superpower?

Sam is the Marketing Director of Péligital and innovative thinking is his super-power.

How does he use it and for whom?

Sam heads up the engine room at Péligital, helping to create, and deliver marketing strategies tailored to clients’ audiences. Sam’s specialisms include LinkedIn lead generation and conversion campaigns, Persona and Proposition development, Content strategy, Webinar, Interview, Podcast and Video creation. He’s worked with the University of Oxford, LSE and Oxentia with a focus on the gap between academia and the commercial world.

Give me some background info

Sam has led marketing teams in higher education and professional services companies for over 16 years. Most recently he led the marketing of executive education programmes at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His other passion is running his own team building murder mystery business.

And the dog?

Having grown up with a Jack Russell and several Labradors, Sam desperately wants a dog. For now he enjoys walking his sister’s Cockapoo, Gladys. He’s also the proud ‘grandfather’ to his children’s two guinea pigs!

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