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Meet Nikola
and his dog

Nikola Gacev

Nikola Gacev


What’s Nikola’s role and superpower?

Nikola is the CTO and his super-power is blending creativity with technical expertise. He has a natural ability to navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape and identify trends that will drive innovation and growth.

How does he use it and for whom?

As a developer, Nikola has honed his coding skills across various domains, crafting elegant and efficient software solutions that meet specific business needs. He designs intuitive mobile or web apps for startups and builds complex e-commerce platforms for established businesses. With his unwavering commitment to excellence his 10-year career has allowed him to work with clients from all around the world including UK, US, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

Give me some background info

Since he was a child, Nikola has been fascinated by computers. Although a qualified mechanical engineer with an expertise in thermal engineering he found the siren call of technology too great and changed career. This made him happy.

And the dog?

Bailey is adopted. She’s a mixed breed with the playful spirit of a Labrador, the intelligence of a Border Collie, the loyalty of a German Shepherd, and the loudness of a Chihuahua! A hardcore cuddler, she’s the undefeated barking champion who loves her stick as much as Nikola loves cheese!

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