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Meet Joe
and his dog

Joe Pélissier

Joe Pélissier

Managing Director

What’s Joe’s role and superpower?

Joe is the founder of Péligital and an expert at simplifying the complex.

How does he use it and for whom?

Joe is central to helping clients implement a sustainable marketing plan and brings to each project over 25 years of working in media and communications. As a specialist in branding, marketing and communication he delivers training programmes and works internationally. His knowledge and experience comes from advising some of the most recognsied brands in the world, including Nespresso, Gucci and England Rugby.

Give me some background info

Before founding Péligital in 2007, he spent 12 years in the film and tv industry. He speaks reasonable French and Italian.

And the dog?

Truffle is a grey 16-year old border terrier who has now retired from walking and chasing rabbits. Once upon a time he was black! Age may have changed him but not his friendship and loyalty.

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