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Meet Igor
and his dog

Igor Hadzi Boskov

Igor Hadzi Boskov

Creative Director

What’s Igor’s role and superpower?

He’s the Creative Director at Péligital whose superpower is wizard video editing – a skill that transforms the most mundane of video footage into something memorable.

How does he use it and for whom?

Igor keeps a critical visual eye on all Péligital projects. As a designer as well as a video editor, he has invaluable insights into all aspects of visual communication, creating templates and approaches that clients can use in multiple ways. Igor has edited dramas, documentaries, training videos and promos for Channel 4, BBC, BT, HSBC, Video Arts, the FA and England Rugby.

Give me some background info

A graduate from Central St Martins, Igor learned his craft in the non-digital age, cutting 35mm /16mm film at John Cleese’s Video Arts (where Joe also worked) as well as at Monty Python Pictures with Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam.

And the dog?

Lajka was once a small fluffy thing but she is now a fully-grown 45 Kg Caucasian Shepherd. She thinks she’s a lap-dog despite all the protests from Igor’s family.

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