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Meet Bojana
and her dog

Bojana Arsenovska

Bojana Arsenovska

Head of Design

What’s Bojana’s role and superpower?

Bojana is Head of Design and whose superpower lies in her ability to empathise with users by understanding their desires, pain points, and aspirations. With an eye for detail and a heart for creativity, she weaves magic into all she designs. Her ultimate superpower is making a positive impact on people’s lives. She believes that a great product has the potential to improve how we interact with technology, connect with one another, and how we experience the world.

How does she use it and for whom?

Bojana has advised a wide range of clients and industries. From startups looking to disrupt the market to established corporations aiming to revamp their product offerings, she’s the driving force shaping their design strategies. In e-commerce, she’s created seamless shopping experiences that convert casual browsers into loyal customers. In healthcare she’s designed user-friendly interfaces to improve patient engagement and overall healthcare outcomes.

Give me some background info

Although she is a certified UXP and has a B.A. in design, interior design and furniture technology, Bojana’s passion for design extends beyond the digital. She supervises physical product design projects, working with manufacturers to create beautifully crafted products that merge aesthetics with functionality.

And the dog?

Daisy (the crazy) is a 5-year old mix of German Spitz and who knows what 🙂 ! Despite her small size, she is a “happy little lion” with a strong personality and independent nature. Mention the word “bone” and she goes crazy.

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