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Meet Adam
and his dog

Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall

Design Director

As Design Director, Adam’s superpower is experience and his in-depth understanding of creating design solutions that solve problems and deliver objectives. An aspiring polymath, be it in branding, design for print, web design or development, Adam has experience in both directing and executing all aspects of design.

How does he use it and for whom?

Adam works with mix of clients on a long-term and a single project basis, covering both print and digital. His understanding of the big picture mean that all parts of a project come together successfully and removes any communication barriers that can occur when crossing design disciplines. Great work rarely happens in silos, so understanding the clients business and its challenges is always his prime focus.

Adam works with small start-ups and established large corporations, covering Arts, Finance, Events, Sports, Academia, Health and social projects.

Give me some background info

Adam’s desire to create and design led him to complete his BSc Hons in Multimedia Technology. This underpins his career and with 20 years experience in agencies and as a contractor, he always strives to ensure his knowledge and skills are relevant to the current business challenges. Away from work, Adam’s alter ego is a bass guitarist who can be found writing, collaborating, recording and performing.

And the dog?

Fig, is a 9 year old Pomeranian cross whose small size is in contrast to her large (loud) personality. Like most Poms, Fig has “big feelings” and is not shy in making them known. This is all very tiring, so this miniature fox needs plenty of naps to ensure she is ready to take on the next challenge, or knock at the door!

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