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Our advice allows us to work out how to connect you more directly with your audience. It will solve a specific marketing challenge, decide what content to publish or what defines the essence of your brand. Our advice gives you a structured and measurable plan for moving forward.

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Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is an important investment if you are looking for a set of objectives, approaches and guidelines to create a demand for your products or service.

Some strategies are for the whole business others for a single product. Some are for the next 5 years, others for a few months. What they have in common is a willingness to allow an external expert to fully understand your business in order to create a measurable plan.

The creation of a marketing strategy:

1. Identifies the problems

that your products or services solve.

2. Defines the goals

that will support your business objectives.

3. Knows the audience

so it is clear about who is going to use your product or services.

4. Creates a strategy

in the shape of a series of measurable approaches.

5. Agrees the tactics

to support the agreed strategy.

6. Is measurable

identifies what to measure to monitor progress.

Get all of this right and our marketing strategy is a blueprint for your future success.

Marketing strategy

Content marketing

Content Marketing is the frequent publication of written, visual or audio content to stimulate awareness or interest in the value of the products or services you deliver.

But be careful. The mistake with content marketing is the belief that it delivers quick results. Instead, you are better rewarded if you take a long-term view and use it to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships.

Content marketing is dependent upon the interplay between:

1. Content

the type of content to produce that will inform, inspire or involve your audience.

2. Channels

the ones your target audience frequents.

3. Skills

those that are needed to design and produce the required content.

4. Resources

internal or external, to support the implementation of any plan.

Successful content marketing always tests and measures what it produces.
As a result you invest only in content that is proven to work as opposed to content that you hope will work.

Content marketing

Brand identity

Your brand identity is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. To create it requires a detailed understanding of multiple aspects of your business, your positioning and your unifying concept.

Amongst many things we consider:

1. Products

what defines and distinguishes your products or services.

2. Environment

the kind of environment you operate in or from.

3. Communication

how you communicate with your target markets.

4. Behaviour

the kind of behaviour that characterises you as business.

Only once we are clear about your core identity can we begin the creative process of creating logos, taglines, colour palettes, fonts and a tone of voice. Whether it is a new logo design, a brand refresh or a comprehensive brand strategy we invest in learning all we can about you.

Brand identity

England Rugby

Since 2014 we’ve been producing content for the grassroots rugby community, one that’s grown to over 20,000 today.

Follow the timeline to see how our grassroots sports marketing expertise has helped improve the level of knowledge, safety and understanding within the rugby communities across England.

branding, website design, publishing, email, SEO, video, training

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PointClouds.xyz is tech start-up that produces automated topographical survey drawings from compressed .laz files. The need was to show prospective clients that a service exists that can deliver low-cost, accurate and fast processing of survey data.

Solution: Web design, marketing website and content marketing

web design, ux design, web development, web writing, content marketing, animation

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Ignition Financial, an accountancy firm that specialised in working with entrepreneurs looking to scale their business, wanted a new name, identity and marketing strategy. It had to be one that a visitor would not associate with a firm of chartered accountants and which would appeal to its millennial client base.

Solution: The creation of Finerva, its brand identity, web design and development as well as strategic marketing advice and mentoring.

brand identity, web design, web development, email marketing

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